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Music for Large Ensemble

City Columns (2008) 9'
For chamber orchestra
Recorded by the Moravian Philharmonic
Vit Micka, conductor
Navona Records

The Road from Hiroshima, A Requiem (2005) 50'
For chamber orchestra, choir, children's choir, soprano and baritone soloists. First performance 5/14/05, Miami FL. Patrick Dupre Quigley, conductor. Commissioned by Seraphic Fire Chamber Orchestra and Choir.
Introit (complete)

Kyrie (complete)

Pie Jesu (complete)

Sanctus (excerpt)
     Every Year (excerpt)

Every Month (complete)

In Paradisum (complete)

My Metropolitan Sky (2010) 6'
For wind ensemble
Commissioned and premiered by the Mount View Middle School Wind Ensemble; Shelly Williams, conductor
Recorded by the 2011 Maryland Junior All State Wind Ensemble, Shelly Williams, conductor

Firewind (2013) 7'
For chamber orchestra and SATB choir
Commissioned and premiered by PALY High School Choirs, Michael Najar, conductor
Text: Virginia Hamilton Adair, Carl Sandburg, and Walt Whitman.

Three Meditations on an Infinite Landscape (1999) 20'
Concerto for soprano saxophone, piano, bass, percussion and chamber orchestra.
First performance 5/2/99 Boston, MA.


Paradise (2009/revised 2013) 20'
A Motet for 12 Voices
Commissioned and Premiered by Chanticleer, revised for and recorded by Volti San Francisco
Text by Brian Turner and the 12th Century Persian Poet Hãfez (as selected and translated by poet Sholeh Wolpe)

The Garden of Paradise (2009) 16'
A Motet for 12 Voices
Commissioned and premiered by Chanticleer
First performances March 17-22, 2009
Text: Brian Turner and Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (as selected and translated by Dr. Majid Naini)
Chant-I. Mihrab
Chorale No. 1
A Soldier's Arabic
     Chorale 2-III. Sadiq- Chorale 3
Recorded by Chanticleer on their album, "Best of Chanticleer", Rhino Records, Catalog # 8443

Marshland Elegy (2011) 7'
For unaccompanied double choir (SATB)
Commissioned and premiered by the Phoenix Chorale, Charles Bruffy, conductor.
Text: Aldo Leopold

Pie Jesu from "The Road from Hiroshima, A Requiem" (2005, rev. 2012), 4'
For a cappella choir (SATB) Commissioned and premiered by Seraphic Fire, Patrick Dupré Quigley, conductor. Recorded by Seraphic Fire on their album "Seraphic Fire" Seraphic Fire Media, Catalog #11

To the Joyous Electric All (2010) 5'30''
For a cappella choir (SATB) and optional tape and projections.
Commissioned and premiered by The Esoterics, Eric Banks, conductor
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A Kind Goodbye (2011) 5'
For a cappella choir. (SATB)
Commissioned by Texas A&M University Century Singers, Jess Wade, conductor
Text: Samuel Clemens

On Winter Afternoons (2006) 12'
For double choir and piano. First performance 12/15/06. Patrick Dupre Quigley, conductor. Commissioned by Seraphic Fire Chamber Choir. Text: Walt Whitman/Emily Dickinson.

Movement III-IV: "Thee for my Recitative/These are the days when birds come back"

Sun Tracks (2009) 4'
Commission and Premiered by the Syracuse Children's Choir, Barbara Tagg conductor
For unison treble chorus and piano
First Performance May 1, 2010
Three Native American Poems by Atoni (Choctaw), Eda Louw Walton, and Peggy Windsor Garnett

Sleepless (2008) 10'
For choir and bass clarinet. First performance 11/1/2009.
Dr. Mark Shapiro, Conductor
Commissioned by Cantori New York.
Text: Dana Gioia, Charles Simic and Larry Woiwode
I. The Congress of Insomniacs
II. Insomnia
III. Lullaby

The Light of Common Day (2009) 5'
Recorded by Seraphic Fire on their album Reincarnation: A Century of American Choral Music.
Seraphic Fire Media

Chamber Ensemble

Barnyard Glass (2015) 5'
For oboe, horn, violin, viola and cello
Composed for the Cleveland Orchestra Chamber Players
Premiered by the Cleveland Orchestra, Arsht Center, Miami, FL.

Lew Beach (2015) 10'
For Eb clarinet, amplified cello, piano and percussion
Composed for the Lunar Ensemble

Time Management (2015) 12'
For percussion trio
Commissioned by the Plexure Trio, Seattle, WA.

Pocket Life (2015) 7'
For horn and fixed digital media
Commissioned by Jon Anderson, horn.

Purple, then Orange and Blue (2014) 6:30
For flute, oboe, horn, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass

This Morning (2002) 14'
Song cycle for soprano solo, oboe, bass clarinet, cello and marimba.
First performed at Yale University, New Haven, CT.
Text: Harriet Levin.
Buoyancy (complete)

Orange and Purple (complete)

This Morning I Went As Far (excerpt)

Adolescent Psychology (2007) 7'
For flute, clarinet, violin, cello, vibraphone/crotales, and piano
Commissioned by the California EAR Unit
First performance at the Colly Soleri Music Center at Arcosanti, AZ

I Could Believe in Gods (2006) 8'
For string quartet. First performed 7/9/06 Dublin, NH. Del Sol Strong Quartet. Commissioned by the Walden School

The Naked Mind (2005) 7.5
For saxophone quartet. First performance 7/10/05 Dublin NH. Prism Quartet. Commissioned by the Walden School
Naked Mind

Suspended Contact (1999) 10'
For saxophone and percussion. First performance 12/5/99 Jordan Hall, Boston, MA. Yesaroun Duo. Commissioned by the Yesaroun' Duo.
Suspended Contact (excerpt)

Transitional Silence (2001) 10'
For flute, Bb clarinet/bass clarinet, piano, percussion, violin and cello. First performance 7/6/01 Norfolk, CT. Eighth Blackbird Ensemble.


Brimfield Suite (1997) 8'
For piano. First performance 7/9/97 New York, NY.

Dancing Columns (1998) 7.5'
For marimba. First performance 11/17/99 Jordan Hall, Boston, MA. Commissioned by percussionist Matthew Massie.

Solo Vocal

Cat Tales (2015)

For tenor and piano. Text by Tony Boutté
Composed for Tony Boutté

Between the Breasts (2004) 15'
For mezzo-soprano, violin, cello, and piano. First performance 3/15/05 New York, NY. Commissioned by vocalist Betany Coffland. Text: e.e.cummings.

Moving with the Gods (2000) 10'
For mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble. (piano reduction available) First performance 5/14/2000 Jordan Hall, Boston MA. Commissioned by vocalist Betany Coffland. Text: Shawn Crouch

Music for Theater and Dance

Add+ic=tion (2003) 7'
For computer. Commissioned by the Dodge Dance Company, New York, NY.

De La Luz (2004) 7.5'
For solo cello. Written for the Dodge Dance Company.

Incidental Music for King Lear (2003)
For chamber orchestra. Written in collaboration with Shakespeare and Company, Lenox MA.
Lear Entrance

Traitor Music

     Loud Brass Riot


Traitor Chase #2

Porch Light Project (2000) 7'
For computer. Commissioned by dancers Jeffery Smith and Julia Altschuler

Protelophase (1999) 12'
For two clarinets and two saxophones. First performance 4/31/99, Boston, MA. Commissioned by dancers Jeffery Smith and Julia Altschuler

Symphony Sam (2003) 1'
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